Touch-Screen with Low-Level Language Programming


Duy-Ky Nguyen                                                                                                                                        2014-09-10


1. Introduction

This project is to investigate if a low-cost capacitive-touch LCD as a user interface @ $ 50




2. Tools

ATMega2560 using WinARM compiler

Arduino ATMega2560


3. References

Source of demo code 
BuyDisplay (Demo code using SPI bitbang for 8051)

LCD Controller RA8875 (Demo code using parallel-bus for STM32

4. Methodology

A true SPI code for ATMega2560 has been developed and worked a lot faster than 8051 as expected

Image created directly from the code


Image read from SD card by name using FAT implemented in the code

5. Conclusion


Top is : Id : X . Y
Touch the bar graph area to get Id (0 ~ 9) X (0 ~ 800) Y (0~480) to display the bar right at the touch point

Low-Level Programming for Touc-Screen looks more promising than Android