Sliding-Mode Control: Advanced Design Techniques

Duy-Ky Nguyen, PhD

My Academy

University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Post Graduate in Instrumenation & Control (Distinction)
Master of Electrical Engineering (by Research) Master
PhD in Electrical Engineering PhD

I pursued Doctor of Philosophy to train my brain, patience, working attitude and discipline; to enhance greatly my analytical capability required by all scientific and technical jobs.

I chose mathematic language to defend the results therein. However, experiments were also carried out and experimental results consolidated theoretical results.

All theorems and their corollaries were originally developed by Duy-Ky Nguyen.

The thesis were evaluated very high standard by 3 professors, called examiners, external to the University and unknown to PhD candidate.

It's interstingly enough, I originally developed Lema 4.2, one examiner found it published in "The Algebraic Eigenvalue Problem", by J. H. Wilkinson, Oxford University Press 1965. It appeared to me it's unpopular book and I failed to find it for comparison reason, even with great support by the University Library.

Chapter has a section of Digital Control System limited to results employed in the thesis along with my comprehensive proofs, for precise, compact and self-contain reasons.

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Technical Expertise

I keeps learning new fields at my best. Below are what I'm able to do it successfully in the real world.